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(Auto)Biographical place: arts of living, knowing and educating

(Auto)Biographical place: arts of living, knowing and educating is the theme of the IV International Congress of (Auto)Biographical Research. This initiative intends to push forward the debate and the research that contemplate the several forms of (auto) biographical expression and that constitute today, doubtless, a field of cognitive investments in which living, knowing and educating oneself gain new dimensions when they are organized in stories – research objects. The CIPA meetings have been known for their contribution to the research in several fields – mostly the educational. These researches aim to understand and build (auto)biographical practices through the interchange among researchers of all the country, as well as foreign researchers.

The IV CIPA takes the (auto)biographic adventure further, as it started at the first meeting (Porto Alegre, 2004), and keeps the interest in the processes of subject construction (as individuals and collective beings), translated by several types of inventions of oneself, in the perspective of the second congress (Salvador, 2006). Education, territories and knowledge was the theme of the third meeting (Natal, 2008) and it guided the analysis of the ways of knowledge allowed by the (auto) biographic initiatives. The 2010 CIPA (São Paulo) has as it goal to explore the potentiality of the place instituted by (auto)biographic studies and by the subjective and intellectual space of production of (auto)biographical actions. Conceived in their socio-historical dimensions, as well as the psychological and aesthetic, the arts of living, knowing and educating will guide the development of the studies and interchanges of the IV CIPA.


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